Atlanta Falcons: Top 5 RBs of All Time

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RB 1994-2001. Utah. Jamal Anderson. 5. player. 44.

There was not a more special year for the Atlanta Falcons than 14-2 1998 NFC Championship Season.  I became a diehard Atlanta Falcons fan, doing the Dirty Bird everywhere I went.  As a 3rd grader in suburban Atlanta, there was not a cooler guy than Atlanta Falcons RB Jamal Anderson.

Anderson’s 1998 Season was one of the best I’ve ever seen as from an NFL tailback.  Jamal Anderson was unstoppable for the Atlanta Falcons that fall, setting a franchise record of 410 carries, rushing for 1,846 yards and 14 touchdowns en route to his only Pro Bowl and All-Pro selection.

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In retrospect, Jamal Anderson literally carried the Falcons to their only Super Bowl berth in 1998.  He introduced the Atlanta Falcons franchise to a new generation of football fans.  The Dirty Birds as that ’98 team called themselves started out as a premeditated touchdown dance that Anderson started.  It was the 1990’s version of the Ickey Shuffle only with a Dirty South twist.

Though Jamal had four 1,000 yards seasons with the Falcons, he never equated the success of his 1998 campaign.  A horrible knee injury the following year shortened his prime NFL years significantly.  In his 8 year NFL career solely with the Atlanta Falcons, Jamal Anderson rushed for 5,336 yards and 34 touchdowns.  He was also a reliable receiving target out the backfield with 156 career receptions for 1,645 yards and 7 scores.

While his 1998 season was one of the greatest ever by an NFL running back, there are other Atlanta Falcons RB’s that have had more consistent success with the franchise.  It’s up in the air if Anderson will earn recognition in the Falcons Ring of Honor, but the Falcons faithful will always think fondly of what Jamal Anderson did for our team back in 1998.

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