Julio Teheran Being Shopped by Atlanta Braves?


The non-waiver trade deadline in Major League Baseball is this afternoon after 4PM ET.  After pulling off two trades in the days heading into the MLB Trade Deadline, does Atlanta Braves President of Baseball Operations John Hart possibly move some more of our favorite players?

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One name to keep an eye on is SP Julio Teheran.  Teheran has had his struggles this season, especially on the road (1-5, 7.24 ERA).  I wouldn’t consider him our ace anymore, not that the 2015 Atlanta Braves have one.  Shelby Miller hasn’t won a game for the Braves since mid-May and arguably the Braves best pitcher at the moment in rookie RHP Matt Wisler.  Can we anoint him an ace because he’s only lost once in his Big League career in seven starts?

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  • It has been a frustrating season for the Atlanta Braves, for Julio Teheran in particular.  I don’t know if it’s mechanical, mental or an undisclosed injury but our former All-Star starting pitcher has not been right all season.  To make matters worse, Julio apparently has had major friction with Atlanta Braves Pitching Coach Roger McDowell.  That’s not good to hear since I consider McDowell at Top 10 Pitching Coach in Major League Baseball.

    So would John Hart trade away another piece of our rotation before 4PM today?  I’d be skeptical to see Julio Teheran on the move this season.  To me, it seems like it’s just a down year for the 24-year old right-hander and that a good offseason and a strong spring training next year will be what it takes to get him back to pitching like one of the ten best starters in the National League.

    John Hart would be selling very low on Teheran’s upside if he were to make a move involving Julio Teheran.  Now that the Los Angeles Dodgers have four of our former players including LHP Alex Wood, I see that move more as an assurance that Julio Teheran is a focal part of the Atlanta Braves’ rotation for the foreseeable future, even with supposed friction with Roger McDowell.  I feel like that’s always been an issue for the two gentlemen.

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    One team that I’ve heard might interested in acquiring Julio Teheran is the Chicago Cubs.  While I expect Hart to at least listen to offers from Cubs GM Theo Epstein, I hope for Julio’s sake that he doesn’t go to the Cubs.  That seems disastrous for his playing career.

    Pitching in the matchbox that is Wrigley Field with the tendency to give up the longball seems frightening.  Plus, if one looks at how the Cubs organization has handled its front-line starters in the past (Greg Maddux, Jamie Moyer, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano, Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Samardzija), I would never want to pitch for an organization that doesn’t respect its pitchers.  Cubs starters always seem to leave Wrigley underpaid, broken-down or dissatisfied.

    For Julio Teheran’s sake, for Braves Country’s sake, don’t trade Julio Teheran today, John Hart.  If Teheran’s body of work and high upside isn’t enough to command a Jorge Soler or a Kyle Schwarber straight up, then it’s not worth it and don’t do it.  You can’t give up on the former top prospect in all baseball (2011) for a 3rd or 4th best prospect on a contending team.

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    I understand that the Atlanta Braves are sellers this season which is fine, it happens to every organization from time to time unless you’re the St. Louis Cardinals.  However, I don’t see Julio Teheran as a moveable asset for the Atlanta Braves this season.  Our organization would have to grossly undersell Teheran to move him.  I see 2015 as a season of growing pains for the young RHP.

    We’re just going to have to ride it out for the rest of the season and keep both of eyes on 2017.  Still, I would like to at least tolerate the present.  Is that too much to ask?  No, it is not.  I just want to enjoy the game of baseball while watching the only MLB team I’ll ever love.  Go Braves!

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