Mike Scott Arrested on Felony Drug Charges


Yesterday morning Atlanta Hawks Forward Mike Scott was arrested on felony charges in Banks Co., GA.

Scott and his cousin were charged with possession of marijuana and MDMA.  A Banks County officer pulled the cousins over after the radar gun clocked them going 98 MPH on I-85 in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

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After getting skipped over in the Atlanta Hawks’ rotation in the 2015 Eastern Conference Playoffs, it appears that things are only getting worse for Mike Scott.  He and his 20-year old cousin Antonn had over an ounce of marijuana and 10.9 grams of MDMA in their Chevy.  Scott’s bail is set at $8,100 and his cousin’s stands at $9,300, his being more severe because he tried to run away from the police officers.

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  • The Atlanta Hawks organization is aware of Mike Scott’s current situation, but declined to comment on the issue yesterday afternoon.  One has to wonder what the Atlanta front-office is thinking.

    Will a major contributor on their team have lingering legal issues throughout the season?  The front-office didn’t make an issue of Head Coach Mike Budenholzer’s suspicion of a DUI back in 2013, though he is currently pleading not guilty to the charges levied against him.

    But that was a suspicion of intoxication, not over an ounce of cannabis in a motor vehicle.  I expect the NBA to levy a fine against Mike Scott shortly.  He most likely will also receive a suspension; whether from the NBA or from within the Atlanta Hawks organization.  Another option is that the team could keep him in timeout, riding pine on the bench, hoping he learns his lesson in the same manner a parent punishes a child?

    It’s one of those “Well, this isn’t good…” moments we all get as fans sometimes when our favorite players do something stupid, like driving close to 100 MPH in an SUV on a major Atlanta interstate.  This brings back memories to other organizational PR nightmares — albeit this incident is minor in comparison to some of the things that have occurred around the perimeter.

    It wasn’t even five months ago when wing Thabo Sefolosha and former Hawks PF/C Pero Antic were incarcerated in New York City in the events surrounding the Chris Copeland stabbing.  Before that, the Danny Ferry/Bruce Levenson scandal over racists remarks made about Miami Heat Wing Luol Deng.

    I’m afraid that this is going to linger around the Atlanta Hawks organization for the rest of the summer, because of the severity of the charges currently being alleged against Mike Scott.  Felonies scare people and given that the Atlanta Hawks are coming off their most historic season in Atlanta, they might be scared away by Scott’s actions, too.

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    Of course, the Atlanta Hawks will do their due diligence and will fully investigate the Mike Scott arrest before thinking about making a personnel decision.  If The Tony Ressler/Grant Hill Group feel this is a bad look for the new Atlanta Hawks culture change, then maybe Mike Scott does have to leave the team.  I could see the organization suspending him indefinitely to go get treatment; but it is really to early to tell at this point.

    I love watching Mike Scott play, but you can’t hyper-speed down I-85 with over an ounce of marijuana and a significant amount of MDMA in your car and hope get away scott free.  It has been tough week for us in Atlanta: losing a major trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers (why?), the Braves are really struggling since the St. Louis series (when John Hart started breaking up the team), and now the Mike Scott arrest.  I’m hoping for healthy football training camps in the Atlanta region, especially up in Flowery Branch and in Athens.

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