Georgia Bulldogs: Can Team Win SEC at 6-2?


The Georgia Bulldogs have suffered their first defeat of 2015. Can UGA rally to make it to Atlanta with a 6-2 SEC record? Could they actually win the SEC at 6-2?

Georgia can rebound from its first SEC loss in 2015 by winning in Knoxville on Saturday against a Tennessee Volunteers team that is rapidly losing control of its season. Many feel that the Georgia Bulldogs are coming off their toughest game of the 2015 Season, with an embarrassing loss at home to the Alabama Crimson Tide, 38-10. Can UGA take back control of the SEC East?

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It starts on Saturday. Georgia does control its own destiny entering Week 6 in the SEC East. Should UGA win out the rest of the five conference games, they will be in Atlanta playing for an SEC Championship, as the Dawgs would hold the tiebreaker over the first-place Florida Gators. Are the Georgia Bulldogs capable of winning the East with a 6-2 2015 SEC Conference record?

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Georgia would need to beat Florida and hope that the Gators drop another conference game down the line should the Dawgs blow another conference game. It doesn’t seem likely at this point but UGA could make it to Atlanta with a 6-2 SEC record by winning the SEC East in 2015.

With a 6-2 mark in Conference Play, could the Georgia Bulldogs possibly win the SEC, assuming they get there? While they will certainly be underdogs to Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, or Texas A&M in all honesty, it’s one game where anything can happen.

UGA won the SEC in 2005 with a 6-2 Conference Record. LSU won a National Title in 2007 with two losses. So we do have recent examples of SEC Championship success with teams that had multiple blemishes on their resumes.

Realistically, I don’t see Florida going undefeated this season. They still have the Georgia Bulldogs and the Louisiana State Tigers on their schedule, among others. Should Florida win both of those rivalry games, then they are probably the best team in the SEC this year, with wins over Ole Miss, LSU, and UGA. Anyway you slice it, that’s an impressive resume.

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Dylan Raiola will be fine wherever he lands, and so will Georgia football /

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  • It’s weird to say, but a 10-2 season for the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs doesn’t mean their season is over. Should they make it to Atlanta and upset the winner of the SEC West, I could see UGA getting the 4th College Football Playoff spot. I don’t know if the Selection Committee is ready for the backlash of not putting an SEC team in the Final Four just yet.

    Sure, it’s a slim to nothing chance, but UGA still controls its own destiny. Even dropping another SEC loss, to the right opponent, doesn’t necessarily mean that the Doomsday Clock has struck midnight in Athens, GA for the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs. The first step in making this fleeting dream a reality is to get a win in Knoxville on Saturday. Go Dawgs!

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