Georgia Bulldogs: 4 Things Learned From UT Loss

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The Georgia Bulldogs have some major questions to answer after dropping two straight SEC games, falling to the Tennessee Volunteers 38-31 on Saturday.

I thought the Georgia Bulldogs would travel to Knoxville to get some answers about their football team. After blowing a 24-3 lead and falling to a team that hadn’t beat them in six years by the score of 38 to 31, we’ve been presented problems and offered no solutions.

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The bright side of this loss is that we can get back to simply enjoying Georgia Bulldogs football, win or lose, knowing that the 2015 team will not play a part in the 2015 College Football Playoff. Our bubble burst Week 6 in Knoxville, but there is still plenty of football left on the tilt.

This loss doesn’t sting as badly as the Alabama loss felt a week ago, probably because winning in Knoxville this year was supposedly a difficult task entering this football season. Or the final sliver of hope for our 2015 Playoff dreams have come crashing to Earth.

Anger and massive disappointment aside, here are the four major takeaways I had from the Georgia Bulldogs’ loss to the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday.

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