Atlanta Hawks: An All-NBA Player on 2015-16 Roster?


The Atlanta Hawks should remain highly competitive in the NBA in 2015-16. However, do the Atlanta Hawks have an All-NBA caliber player on their roster?

Are the 2015-16 Atlanta Hawks getting four players into the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto this winter? Probably not, but the Atlanta Hawks do have a strong basketball team chock full of Top 100 players in the National Basketball Association.

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The national media cannot say that the Atlanta Hawks are solely composed of role players anymore, as the four All-Stars from last year disprove that antiquated logic. However, can we believe that the Atlanta Hawks have a Top 15 player in the league on their roster, meaning do they have an All-NBA player on the team? Does it even matter with this bunch?

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The obvious starting points for potential All-NBA players would be the four men who made the All-Star Game last season: PG Jeff Teague, SG Kyle Korver, PF Paul Millsap, and C Al Horford. Immediately, we have to squash the hopes of either Teague or Korver making All-NBA teams.

It’s a point guard driven league, and when stellar floor generals like Memphis’ Mike Conley or Portland’s Damian Lillard may not finish in the Top 10 in the NBA, you’d have to believe that Teague’s chances are unfortunately limited in 2015-16 barring any Tony Parker-esque ascension.

Korver had a career year last season and even if he shoots around 40-50-90 again in 2015-16, there are shooting guards like Houston’s James Harden and Golden State’s Klay Thompson who are more well-rounded players at this stage in their careers.

So could one argue for either Al Horford or Paul Millsap to make an All-NBA team in 2015-16? I think that’s a more logical possibility than either back court starter for the Atlanta Hawks. Al Horford has already made on All-NBA team, 3rd Team in 2011.

He would have to make it as a center, so that only leaves three available spots for him. I’m not sure he has a better year than all but two of the following centers: Houston’s Dwight Howard, Memphis’ Mark Gasol, San Antonio’s Tim Duncan, or Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins. I’ll even throw Utah’s Rudy Gobert in the mix, too. The Boss could make his second All-NBA team in 2016, but it won’t come easily.

I’m my opinion, if there is any member on the 2015-16 Atlanta Hawks that could make an All-NBA team in 2016, it’s PF Paul Millsap. Honestly, he should have made the 3rd Team last year. Voters gave it to PF/C Pau Gasol for some reason. I guess they wanted both Gasol brothers to make All-NBA teams.

Gasol brothers aside, All-NBA teams will draw from the best six guards and the six best forwards, regardless of point/shooting or small/power. So is Paul Millsap one of the six best forwards in the NBA? He is certainly in that discussion.

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The only two locks for All-NBA spots at forward are Cleveland’s LeBron James and New Orleans’ Anthony Davis. Unless Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant has a bounce back season, both James and Davis make 1st Team All-NBA. Along with a healthy Durant, I like San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge to make the All-NBA 2nd Team.

There are numerous players that could make the 3rd All-NBA Team, both at small and power forward. Should Paul Millsap make his 3rd All-Star team, finish again in the Top 10 in individual defensive rating, and the Atlanta Hawks make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals, Paul Millsap has as good of a chance to make the All-NBA 3rd Team as any other elite forward in basketball. I’m not saying he will, but he very well could, as the Atlanta Hawks’ best hope for All-NBA representation. Let’s Go Hawks!

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