Atlanta Hawks: Will Teague/Noel trade happen on draft day?

The Atlanta Hawks have been in talks with the Philadelphia 76ers about a possible trade involving Nerlens Noel and Jeff Teague. Although the trade talks have since calmed down a little, this trade could happen on draft night. With all of the moving parts, this trade would be a big draft day event.

The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference the past couple of years. Coach Mike Budenholzer has brought his system over from the Spurs and implemented it in Atlanta. If the Hawks want to take the next step and compete for a championship, they will need to have a dynamic post player who can run the floor in transition and protect the rim.

If the Atlanta Hawks were to make this trade on draft day this year, they would almost certainly have to draft a point guard to be the backup to Dennis Schroder. If this trade happens, the Atlanta Hawks would alleviate some pressure on resigning Al Horford. This trade would also give the 76ers the veteran point guard they have been wanting.

Impact of Nerlens Noel

When Nerlens Noel was coming out of Kentucky, scouts and analysts knew he was a defensive big that could protect the rim and make shots around the basket. Noel has also been able to rebound at a high rate and be an impact player off the bench.

This season for the 76ers, Noel had just over 11 points and eight rebounds per game. The rebounding is where he can help the Atlanta Hawks the most. The Hawks were last in the NBA in rebounding this past season with Al Horford and Paul Millsap as their starting post players. If the Hawks added Noel, they would be getting a player that can help get more rebounds and points.

What it would mean for Dennis Schroder

If the Atlanta Hawks were to part ways with Jeff Teague, they would be telling Dennis Schroder, “you are our guy.” Toward the end of the playoffs, Schroder was on the floor more than Teague and having more impact minutes than him. Schroder has improved each of the three years he has been with the Hawks.

If he becomes the starter at the point guard position, he will be able to help the offense space a little more and be able to use the pick and roll with Noel to create mismatches and create lob opportunities for Noel to finish around the rim. Last year, Schroder had just over four assists per game and improved his mid range shot from the previous year.

Impact on Draft Day

If this trade happens on draft day, it will affect many teams and what they want to do on draft day. The Hawks and the 76ers will both benefit from this trade and will be adding players that will help them where they need help the most.

The Atlanta Hawks would use Nerlens Noel and develop his offensive game to where he can become a great two way player. If he does this, Noel and the Hawks will be closer to taking the next step.