Atlanta Braves: Should They Trade Nick Markakis?


The Atlanta Braves have a lot of decisions to make this off-season, including deciding whether they should trade Nick Markakis?

The Atlanta Braves have a tough decision ahead of them this off-season as to whether or not to trade one of their outfielders. The Braves outfield is full and they have a tough decision to make as to if they want to trade one of their outfielders this off-season.  Nick Markakis has been the name that has been mentioned the most in trade rumors. Should the Braves trade Nick Markakis?

Nick Markakis has spent two seasons with the Braves and is their current right fielder. His power took a big jump this season and he continued to get on base at a high rate.  There are two reasons that trading the veteran outfielder would make sense. The first is the fact that Markakis is a veteran outfielder who has his best seasons behind him.

Trading Markakis would provide a starting spot for Mallex Smith and continue the Braves youth movement. The second reason is the fact that he is overpaid and trading him would allow the Braves to free up salary while acquiring a player to fill another hole on their roster.

The Braves could fill a hole in their rotation or bullpen by trading Nick. The question is should they considering what Markakis can bring to the team? He brings consistency both in the outfield and at the plate.

There is also the concern that Mallex Smith may not be ready to step up for an everyday role with the team. He has shown some concerning signs taking bad angles on balls in the outfield and striking out at a high rate.

Smith also lacks the veteran presence that Nick Markakis will bring to the team. If the Braves decide to trade Markakis they will need to acquire another veteran player to help fill the hole that he would leave.

The Braves shouldn’t trade Nick Markakis. The team played together and the offense clicked at the end of the season, there is no reason to change what is working for the Braves. They have some holes in the rotation and on the bench but besides filling the obvious holes and adding a starting catcher it would be unwise to trade Nick Markakis.

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Mallex Smith is unproven and until he proves he can handle a starting role it would be best to keep Nick Markakis.  The Atlanta Braves did a great job at the end of this off-season and shouldn’t mess with what worked for the team.