Atlanta Braves: Braves Should Target Tigers Players


The Atlanta Braves are headed into this off-season with a lot of options. Where should they be looking?

The Atlanta Braves have their work cut out for them this off-season looking at options to help their roster take the next step in a rebuild that seems to be headed in the right direction. The Braves will be looking to add pitching, catching, and complimentary pieces to both their bullpen and bench. The free agent market is surprisingly thin leaving very few options for the Braves to explore.

Because of the bad free agent market the Braves are exploring adding Brian McCann to fix their catching depth. If the Braves opt to look elsewhere they could look to add an over rated Matt Wieters or another veteran option like they have had for the past few seasons.

Among Major League Baseball headlines this past week was the fact that the Tigers will be looking to trim their budget this off-season by trading some of their starting players. The Braves and Tigers have traded twice just in the last six months, no doubt the Braves will have interest depending on who the Tigers are willing to trade.

It hasn’t been any secret that the Braves have had interest in Jordan Zimmerman in the past. They have often admired his bulldog like approach and his ability to eat innings. His salary is high but affordable, if the Tigers are willing to move Jordan Zimmerman the Braves will not only be interested but one of the favorites to acquire the right handed pitcher.

If the Tigers opt to keep Jordan Zimmerman and instead look to move position players the Braves should look as well at acquiring a second baseman. Ian Kinsler would be a huge upgrade over Jace Peterson or whoever else the Braves plan to plug in at second.

The problem for the Braves with acquiring either of these players is their dislike of acquiring large contracts or handing them out. If the Braves hope to take the next step however, they are going to have to take the next step forward they are going to have to pay for talent and add enough their young core to compete in the seasons to come.

If Jordan Zimmerman and Ian Kinsler turn out not to be on the market the Braves still have options and aces they should pursue. Whether it is a Sonny Gray or a Chris Archer or a surprise addition there will be chances for the Braves to add the pieces they need to take the next step.

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Their prospects are still two to three seasons away from helping this team take the next step. It is time to stop waiting on the farm to save the big league team and add the talent that is needed to help this team take the next step.