Atlanta Falcons: Falcons Clinch First Round Playoff Bye


The Atlanta Falcons took another step toward making it to Houston with Sunday’s win over the Saints

Atlanta Falcon’s fans can rest easy the Falcons ensured themselves a first round playoff bye with Sunday’s 38-32 victory over the New Orleans Saints. They finish 11-5 on the season and most important of all will be headed into the playoff without any more significant injuries in Sunday’s game.

The Falcons came out of the gate early against the Saints scoring on their first five possessions and piling up yardage both through the air and on the ground. Matt Ryan surpassed 300 yards and threw for four touchdowns capping off what could very well be an MVP winning season for the Falcon’s quarterback.

Wrapping up a bye in the first round of the playoffs is the most important result of Sunday’s win over the Saints. It will allow the Falcons a chance to get healthy and plan for a home playoff game at the Georgia Dome. It will also allow the Falcons to have a much easier path to the Super Bowl requiring them to only win two games as opposed to three if they had dropped today’s game.

The Falcons will be set to take on the highest winning seed from the wildcard round with the Cowboys hosting the lowest winning seed from next week’s playoff action. The Lions and Packers will play later this evening to determine their seeding and who wins the division. If the Seahawks win the first round regardless of who else wins the Falcons would get a chance for a grudge match in the playoffs after being robbed in Seattle earlier this season.

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While seeding may still be up in the air the Falcons, Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Lions, and the Seahawks will be the six teams fighting to represent the NFC in Houston. There is still plenty of work ahead of the Falcons if they hope to finally bring a championship to Atlanta.