Atlanta Braves: Five Moves to Make Before the Deadline

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Atlanta Braves
Aug 8, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Mike Foltynewicz (48) pitches against the Miami Marlins during the first inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /
  1. Trade Mike Foltynewicz

Velocity is exciting, whether it is a starter or a closer trying to blow it past the batter to get that last strike. Velocity and home runs sell as well as any two qualities in all of baseball. Because of that fans often get a skewed view of a player. If a player is hitting forty homers, fans are not very likely to complain about the high strikeout rate or the low batting average.

The same thing applies to pitchers to an extent. Velocity is exciting and because of that any pitcher who can throw in the high nineties is considered by the fans capable of becoming an ace. Velocity covers a lot of problems up and that has been the case with Mike Foltynewicz.  Foltynewicz is not the ace that many Braves’ fans expect or want the young pitcher to be.

He has consistently proven throughout his time in the Major Leagues how inconsistent he is as a starting pitcher. At his best he can blow his pitches past people with ease pitching late in games only to go through a stretch when he cannot make it past the 5th inning. The problem for Folty is the fact that his movement is limited and that is clouded to the fans because of his velocity.

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Folty has a good arm that is capable of pitching significant innings just not as an ace for the Atlanta Braves.  While he still has the market value of a starting pitcher the Braves should take advantage and move Folty for the best return they can get. If they decide against trading the right hander moving Folty to the back end of the bullpen in the years to come might be a legitimate option.