Atlanta United FC: Is It The Quiet Before The Storm?

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 05: Midfielder Yamil Asad
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 05: Midfielder Yamil Asad /

Atlanta United FC (15-8-9) have waned lately. The question on casual minds is this a new trend or is it the calm before the storm.

So, The 5 Stripes currently sit in third place in the Eastern Conference of the MLS with two games left in the regular season. In their first year of existence. Allow me to repeat that: In our first year of existence. Atlanta United FC is poised to be the 4th team in MLS history to be playoff eligible as an expansion team. Seems kind of strange to question direction.

Yet, here we are. Our beloved ATL UTD have failed to, after a torrid run at the new home, gain more than a point in two matches. The Minnesota loss hurt. Yes, there have been players missing, for various reasons, but it still hurt. Hence, the question: Is this us falling apart or is it the calm before the storm?

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Chances are that there are more than a few folks who love ATL UTD and who have never followed the Atlanta Falcons. But, there are probably many who follow both. For those folks, February still hurts. The city still hurts. We breathe and we live and we move forward, because that’s what we do, but we remember. Still.

So, the gag reflex that some are feeling is not a response to this team. This team is beyond beautiful, playing the beautiful game. It’s just the circumstances.

Here we are, though. With a weak hold on 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, Atlanta goes into these next 2 games needing to win. New York on the road. They just happen to be in 6th place (the last playoff spot). And then Toronto FC at our place. They just happen to be the #1 team in the Eastern Conference. A statement game. At home. Right before the playoffs start.

Oh, and by the way, we set another attendance record last week.

When we line it up, Atlanta United FC can play with anyone. My bet is that United is about to tee it up, as it were. Take it to the next level. Do what they’ve done. Shock folks. Give us joy. Turn us out. The Terminus Legion will be.

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Ghosts be damned. This is the team that can rattle the chains and cages. My bet is that they will Unite and Conquer.