We have To Go Back To Our Traditional Atlanta Hawks Colors

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 20: Dennis Schroder
CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 20: Dennis Schroder /

The Atlanta Hawks, while not known for Championships, is a storied franchise with a rich history. It’s time to find some of that original flavor on the court again.

Yes. I realize that when most folks think our beloved Atlanta Hawks they don’t immediately go to the word “historic”. But, they would be wrong. In fact, Atlanta for the longest time was the only NBA franchise in the deep south, much like the Braves in their own sport. To that end, this is a wake-up call of sorts. Please, for the love of everything that is Atlanta Hawks holy it is time we revert back to something closer to our original colors.

Now, it may seem petty. It may even seem anachronistic and unimportant when our Hawks are (14-35), making them the worst team in all of the NBA, to be worried about our uniforms. But I ask you: If we have to suck, can’t we look clean doing it?

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This isn’t the first time folks have messed with our colors and logo, as if changing the things we already love will make us not notice how bad the team is. In 2007, the “enlightened ones” introduced navy and silver to our uniforms and took away the “pacman” logo. The team was bad that year, too. The new uniforms didn’t make it better then, and it doesn’t make it better now.

Aside from the dookie brown monochromatic travesty they trot every now and then, like an ill-advised Dennis Schöder three-pointer when you’re down by 1, the worst is the “volt green/yellow” that makes us look like an Arena League Football team playing a charity pick-up game. It’s embarrassing.

I am sure some folks like the new look, and everyone should have a say. Especially, if they love our team. My guess is those people are too young to remember what it was like to watch ‘Nique play. But to be the worst team in all of the NBA, and to have the worst uniforms in all of the NBA, it’s just too much to watch sometimes.

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I love the Hawks, and this is not a bang session. It is a request. Please. Please, give us a little bit of our dignity back. That can start with our colors. You know, the ones we always had and loved?