Atlanta Falcons:Julio Jones Holding Out Will Not Last Much Longer

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 31: Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons walks off the field after beating the Carolina Panthers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 31, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 31: Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons walks off the field after beating the Carolina Panthers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 31, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

For Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones Holding Out Cannot Go On for Much Longer. The Receiver will have to make a tough choice.

The Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones, the talented wide receiver out of Alabama, is currently holding out and did not show up to OTAs and the mandatory minicamp.  Julio Jones holding out can mean several things, though there is one very distinctive reason.  He wants more money, bottom line, and the Falcons organization is trying to figure out how to give him the money he deserves after giving Matt Ryan a massive contract extension.

Furthermore, the holdout is presumed to be caused by the number of receivers, that were signed during free agency, ended up with bigger contracts than what Jones has right now.  Julio Jones did get a contract extension, however, it was back in 2015 to make him the second highest paid wide receiver in the NFL at that time. Since then, multiple players have passed him.

After Julio Jones did not show up to mandatory minicamp, the media decided to ask multiple players about Jones and how it has impacted the team.  In response, the players decided to brush it off as if it had no effect on them.

This can quite possibly mean that he will show up and pick up where he left off.  There is no doubt that he is able to do that, as he is a cornerstone in this offense and part of the loyal Brotherhood, but it is whether or not he is willing to do that when considering his current contract situation.

Most recently, reports have come out and said that Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons organization are in a bad place.  After seeing that, Atlanta fans began to panic and fans of other organizations began to salivate over the prospects of Julio Jones joining their desired team.  In addition, Jones has been training with Terrell Owens, who did the same thing when he played.  So it should be no surprise that Terrell Owens is influencing Jones in the same direction.

There is not a doubt in my mind that Julio Jones is not going anywhere.  The Brotherhood is too strong for him to hold out much longer and this team means too much to him.

Also, Julio Jones means way too much to this team for him to slip to a different one.  He will show up for training camp and play through the preseason and will be well up to speed for the regular season.

Though, Jones should realize as time goes on other players will begin to leapfrog him in the salary game.  Additionally, he will get his revised contract and be paid the bigger dollars, but he is going to have to be patient.  Besides, with Julio Jones holding out, it allows players like Calvin Ridley to get some extra reps in and be game-ready.  So, Falcons fans, take a deep breath and relax.  Julio Jones will show up and be a Falcon for the long haul.

Does Julio Jones Have Enough Leverage to Negotiate a Bigger Contract?

Julio Jones holding out is only hurting himself.  I have yet to see a player successfully holdout and get everything that they wanted.  In addition, holding out does not give a great impression.  In fact, it makes it seem as if the person is not a team player, as well as arrogant and just wanting to get paid.

However, Julio Jones is not an arrogant person.  He is probably one of the most humble players in the NFL, but he is breaking the news for the wrong reason right now.  Julio Jones should learn from Devonta Freeman, who wanted to be paid last summer.  Freeman ultimately got paid last summer by being rewarded for showing up to OTAs, minicamp, training camp, etc. while also showing that he is an elite and excellent running back.  In sum, Julio Jones should take a page from Freeman’s book and show up, do the right thing, and be rewarded for it.

Also, throughout his career, he has dealt with multiple injuries.  In 2016, he dealt with turf toe that ended up sidelining him for a couple of games.  Last year, he dealt with hamstring problems.  He has dealt with so many minor tweaks in his career to the point where sometimes he does not practice.  The 29-year-old is simply injury prone.

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Now if you are Julio Jones you can afford to miss a couple of practices here and there, but at some point, it will catch up to him.  In conclusion, Julio Jones is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL and he definitely deserves a bigger contract.  He has the stats to prove it, and we will probably see him get paid sometime in the near future.