Atlanta Hawks Free Agency: A Look at the Roster Before the Frenzy

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 03: Dennis Schroder #17 and Kent Bazemore #24 of the Atlanta Hawks react after a foul was called during Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs against the Washington Wizards at Philips Arena on May 3, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - MAY 03: Dennis Schroder #17 and Kent Bazemore #24 of the Atlanta Hawks react after a foul was called during Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs against the Washington Wizards at Philips Arena on May 3, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The NBA draft has ended, and the Atlanta Hawks’ trade for Trae Young, has the national sports media buzzing about the Hawks, for the 1st time in a long time.

The trade of the Slovenian Sensation Luka Dončić, for the NCAA’s leader in scoring and assists, has been the most discussed aspect of the draft. So today we take a glance at the Atlanta Hawks’ roster, and salary cap situation, heading into Free Agency.

The Atlanta Hawks currently have 8 returning players playing into their contracts. Those players are:
1. PG Dennis Schröder
2. SG Kent Bazemore
3. SF Taurean Prince
4. PF John Collins
5. C Miles Plumlee
6. SG Tyler Dorsey
7. SG/SF DeAndre Bembry
8. PG Isaiah Taylor

Veteran Big Men, C Dewayne Dedmon and PF Mike Muscala, have both exercised player options to remain with the Atlanta Hawks, giving the club 10 players under contract. The Hawks also drafted 3 rookies in the 1st round what will carry guaranteed contracts. Those players are PG Trae Young, SG Kevin Huerter, and PF Omari Spellman. This brings the Atlanta Hawks to 13 players under contract for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

The Vertical via Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania reported the Dedmon news 1st:

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was the 1st to get the scoop on Muscala’s return:

Salary Cap Situation

The Atlanta Hawks have 11 players under guaranteed contracts, counting the rookies. Schröder, Bazemore, Prince, Collins, Plumlee, Bembry, Dedmon, Muscala, Young, Huerter, and Spellman. Additionally, the Atlanta Hawks have 4 players under minimum contracts. Dorsey, Taylor, SG Jaylen Morris, and SG Antonius Cleveland. These players could be waived if the Hawks need roster space to sign a free agent or take back an extra player in a trade.

As far as 2-way contracts are concerned, the Hawks have signed St Bonaventure PG Jaylen Adams to a 2-way contract. SF Andrew White who ended the season in Atlanta, on a 2-way contract is a candidate to receive the Hawk’s other 2-way contract. The Atlanta Hawks declined to extend a qualifying offer to PG Josh Magette today, making him an Unrestricted Free Agent.

FrankieVision put together a nice highlight montage of Adams, the newest Hawk:

The only Free Agents the Atlanta Hawks currently have on the roster, in addition to Magette, are PG Malcolm Delaney and SG Damion Lee. Like Magette, the team also declined to extend a qualifying offer to Delaney and Lee today, making them unrestricted Free Agents as well. This is expected to end Delaney’s 2-year stint with Atlanta.

Due to a surplus of Point Guards on the roster, it’s highly unlikely that Delaney will be re-signed. Lee is a promising young player who performed well for the Hawks. He was promoted from the G League, and thrust into action unexpectedly, due to the plethora of injuries the Atlanta Hawks sustained. Unfortunately, Lee could be a victim of the numbers’ game, in regards to a roster spot on the team.

The Hawks also have 6 unsigned 2nd round draft picks that they retain the rights to. Alpha Kaba (2017), Isaia Cordinier (2016), Marcus Eriksson (2015), Alain Digbeu (1997), and Augusto Binelli (1986). Digbeu and Binelli will never see the floor of Phillips Arena as players. Alpha Kaba will participate with the Atlanta Hawks’ summer league team in Las Vegas.

As of now, the Atlanta Hawks payroll stands at $99,701,094. This includes caps hold of $5,310,672 for Young, $2,231,754 for Huerter, and $1,606,717 for Spellman. Cap hold is also carried by Malcolm Delaney $3,125,000, and Damion Lee 1,537,872. Last year’s buyout of guard Jamal Crawford will also count for $2,304,226 in dead money against the Atlanta Hawks’ salary cap.

The NBA projected salary cap is $101 million dollars for the 2018-19 season. According to, the Atlanta Hawks can clear up to 24.1 million dollars, by renouncing the rights to all free agents. GM Travis Schlenk would also have to waive all players with none and partially guaranteed contracts, to get to that maximum figure. The Atlanta Hawks are 1 of 8 teams that are projected to have significant cap space in this year’s free agency period. This will be useful as teams without cap space, will be looking to shed salary in order to make free agent moves. The cost will be young players, and/or draft picks, to facilitate such a move.

Payroll Table
Kent Bazemore28$18,089,887$19,269,662
Dennis Schroder24$15,500,000$15,500,000$15,500,000
Miles Plumlee29$12,500,000$12,500,000
Dewayne Dedmon28$6,300,000
Mike Muscala26$5,000,000
Malcolm Delaney29
Taurean Waller-Prince24$2,526,840$3,481,986
John Collins20$2,299,080$2,686,560$4,137,302
DeAndre’ Bembry23$1,634,640$2,603,982
Isaiah Taylor23$1,544,951
Tyler Dorsey22$1,378,242
Josh Magette28
Antonius Cleveland24
Andrew White25
Damion Lee25
Jaylen Morris22
Jamal Crawford38$2,304,226

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My Atlanta Hawks Projected Depth Chart:


Point Guard: Trae Young
Point Guard: Dennis Schröder
Small Forward: Taurean Prince
Power Forward: John Collins
Center: Dewayne Dedmon

2nd Unit

Shooting Guard: Tyler Dorsey
Shooting Guard: Kevin Huerter
Small Forward: Kent Bazemore
Power Forward: Omari Spellman
Center: Mike Muscala

3rd String

Point Guard: Isaiah Taylor
Shooting Guard: Jaylen Morris
Shooting Guard: Antonius Cleveland
Small Forward: DeAndre Bembry
Center: Miles Plumlee

2 Way Contracts
Point Guard: Jalen Adams
Small Forward: Andrew White*

Roster Breakdown

PGs – 4
SGs – 5
SFs – 3*
PFs – 2
Cs – 3

Trade Candidates

Dennis Schröder
Kent Bazemore
Dewayne Dedmon
Mike Muscala
DeAndre Bembry
Isaiah Taylor
Jaylen Morris
Antonius Cleveland
Tyler Dorsey

It’s been widely reported that The Atlanta Hawks have shopped Dennis Schröder and Kent Bazemore, in trade talks recently. Our own Kit Anderson recently detailed the trade sagas of Schröder and Bazemore. Dennis Schröder should carry some value around the league. In addition to the 19.4 ppg, he also averaged 6.2 assists, at only 24 years of age.

However, a pending court case, and a recent lack of desire to play for a rebuilding team, publicly expected by Schröder, has lowered the PG’s trade value exponentially. The fact that PG is the deepest position in the NBA, and most teams have their starter in place, is also a hindrance to Schlenk’s ability move the young PG. I will have more on the Schröder situation in my next article, and ATL ALL Day will have continued coverage as the story unfolds.

Kent Bazemore in theory, should have more value to a contender, than to the Atlanta Hawks. He’s an athletic veteran who can play both the SG and SF positions. He’s a decent shooter, who can also finish at the rim, and facilitate for his teammates. His contract number of over 18 million dollars for the upcoming season, is an obstacle in trading him.

He improved his per game averages across the board in points, rebounds, assists, and steals. Bazemore also improved his field goal, 3 point, and Free throw percentages. This uptick in production could make Kent an attractive consolation prize, to contenders who miss out on their key free agent wing targets.

Dewayne Dedmon and Mike Muscala just recently became eligible to be traded, after exercising their player options to return to the Atlanta Hawks. They both offer value as stretch big men, that can make the 3 point shot to provide spacing. The fact that their contracts are expiring, also make them attractive to potential trade partners. Bembry is a candidate to be traded if his salary is needed to make the math work on a deal, due to his lack of production. Taylor, Morris, Cleveland, and Dorsey are all candidates to be moved because they are on minimum or non guaranteed contracts. Dorsey is the least likely to be shipped out, as he’s expected to compete for a spot in the rotation. However, the fact that Shooting Guard is the Atlanta Hawks’ deepest position, should be a slight cause for Tyler to be concerned.

What this means for the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have the cap space to chase major restricted free agents, putting pressure on their current teams to match an offer sheet. However, I’m of the belief that they won’t be huge players in Free Agency at all. Instead, I anticipate GM Travis Schlenk, taking on an additional bad contract or 2, to help clear cap space for a team trying to make a major free agent acquisition. This will just mean more assets, for a team already rich in future draft assets. I also anticipate that Schlenk will continue to shop Schröder and Bazemore while being patient and waiting on the right deal. Furthermore, I believe The Atlanta Hawks’ GM will look hard at trading Dewayne Dedmon to a contender. If the Atlanta Hawks plan to continue to build through the draft and hope to have a high lottery selection again next year, it is imperative that veterans such as Schröder, Bazemore, and Dedmond be moved.

Next: Trae Young Headed to Atlanta

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