Jeff Teague Assists Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Jeff Teague isn’t just an All-Star Point Guard for the Atlanta Hawks, he’s an All-Star human being for his work with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, donating $20 for every assist he records for the Hawks.

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The Atlanta Hawks’ starting point guard drew inspiration from Atlanta’s youth at Children’s and wanted to do more than just spread cheer with his mere presence.  Jeff Teague opted to donate 20 bucks for every dime he made starting after the 2013-14 campaign where he contributed $11,260 to CHOA.

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That wasn’t enough in his opinion so he asked others to pledge to match his $20 and be All-Star sponsors or give $2 an assist and be Teammate sponsors for every assist he records.  After his best season as a professional in which he made his first all-star appearance and led the Atlanta Hawks to their first ever Eastern Conference Finals appearance, Jeff Teague anticipates a larger donation this year.

This year’s total will go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Jeff Teague’s inaugural Hoops for Hughes dinner in Buckhead.  Teague says he plans to give back to CHOA in this capacity throughout his professional career.  Jeff also said that the Atlanta Hawks organization are backing his charitable endeavors.

“I went on a visit to Children’s to try to give the kids a little inspiration.  They go through a lot.  I wanted to go there, see the kids, interact with them and have them interact with me.  When I got there, I was touched.  I wanted to do whatever I could do to help out.  That’s when we came up with the program.” – Atlanta Hawks PG Jeff Teague

After what has been a tough week in Atlanta sports with the Braves struggles and the Mike Scott arrest, this is the type of pick-me-up I needed.  I absolutely love it when professional athletes use their notoriety and give back to the community in a positive manner.  They take their platform and choose to stand up for the right things and be good role models for the young kids that idolize them.

I hope that Jeff Teague’s charitable efforts continue to blossom into something perpetually beautiful.  This adds to his legacy here in Atlanta and makes me want to cheer extra hard for him next year when he’s out there distributing the basketball on the court.  With every incredible dime I see from him, I’ll be even more excited to know that his passes aren’t just helping his team win on the court but Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta also wins.

If you want to help Jeff Teague and Children’s Healthcare of Altanta, please visit or just click on the link provided.  Go Jeff Teague and Go Hawks!

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