Atlanta Falcons: 5 Things Learned Vs. Texans

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You Can’t Turn the Ball Over Against the Atlanta Falcons

Turning the football over on offense is dreadful in its own right, but it’s especially painful when the other team makes you pay for your mistakes. The Atlanta Falcons will more likely than not turn an opponent’s mistake into points.

The Atlanta Falcons forced four turnovers (3 fumble recoveries and 1 interception) on the Houston Texans. This is where the Texans offense did themselves in. Two of the three fumbles lost by Houston became scoop and scores for the Atlanta Falcons in a matter of seconds.

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CB Desmond Trufant turned his first fumble recovery of the game into 6 points. Houston RB Arian Foster‘s ball security issues were only intensified when his right tackle backed up into him for an easy 20+ scoop and score for Trufant. Trufant would later recover another fumble relatively deep in Falcons’ territory.

LB Nate Stupar returned an 80 yard fumble recovery as time expired to make it a 48-21 final. Atlanta didn’t even attempt the extra point, opting to take a knee to end the game. That return was the bold exclamation point on this football game for the Atlanta Falcons.

When an interior defensive lineman like Jonathan Babineaux has an interception, you know that the Atlanta Falcons are playing with great awareness on defense. Atlanta won the turnover battle 4-0 against Houston and ultimately the game. Losing the takeaway differential is tough to overcome in most situations. Now it’s nearly impossible to beat the Falcons if they win the turnover battle.

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