Atlanta Falcons: 4 Observations from 49ers Loss

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Special Teams Gave The Falcons a Chance

The best part of the game was the play of the special teams. Outside of 49ers returner Bruce Ellington having an easy time accumulating yards on fielded kicks, this Atlanta Falcons’ special teams unit could have won the team the game. They played that well.

Eric Weems could get all he wanted in the return game and then some. Though he didn’t take it to the house on any kick, he routinely got the Falcons in great field position with his outstanding effort in the return game.

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Matt Bosher may have had his best game as a punt this season. After not kicking at all versus Tampa Bay, Bosher was able to make the 49ers start from rough field position on nearly every punt. The he did hold on to the ball a bit too long, he did get great hangtime and the 49ers weren’t able to return many of his punts.

Matt Bryant made all three of his field goals and the extra point in a part of the country where kicking is incredibly difficult. Though Santa Clara isn’t Candlestick, field goal kicking at the San Francisco 49ers’ place is problematic for most NFL kickers. More proof that Bryant is one of the best in the business.

Atlanta won the field position battle, but lost the game. This was the best game the special teams unit played all year. Even without Devin Hester this unit still has the pieces to stay as one of the best in football.

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