Atlanta Falcons: NFC Power Rankings, Week 10

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I want to like the players on this team and the coaching staff seems to help in that regard, but these are still the Washington Redskins owned by Daniel Snyder. That puts them with their backs against the wall from the onset. Usually that hurts this team, but they’ve battled all season and could still win the NFC East, as they are only a game a half back of first-place New York.

The defense is improving, but the offense is too inconsistent with Kirk Cousins under center to seriously think this is a playoff team in 2015. It’s like we’ve seen glimpses of good shining through this organization and I respect that. However, it’s hard to root for a team owned by Snyder who refuses to change the team’s nickname.

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Are the Chicago Bears the 11th best team in the NFC? Maybe. Picking 11 through 14 this week was incredibly difficult, but the Bears came out on top in that group. They have three AFC West wins, but still haven’t played Denver.

This isn’t a playoff team, but the coaching staff is doing a marvelous job with what they have to work with. I have a feeling that both of John Fox’s coordinators Adam Gase and Vic Fangio may get some interviews for head coaching vacancies this year. The Bears are better than the Lions, but likely won’t catch either the Vikings or the Packers in 2015.

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Losing to the Tennessee Titans at home in overtime is as bad of a loss as any team could have this season. Drew Brees continues to put up stellar passing numbers. His offense is vastly improved since the start of the year.

The problem in NOLA is the defense. They’ve already let DC Rob Ryan go, but the Saints still can’t stop anybody. For the Saints to continue to win in 2015, they will have to do so in strictly shootouts. Winning shootouts is a recipe for disaster in the NFL. If you’re lucky, you’ll finish at or around .500, not good enough for a playoff spot in the NFC in 2015.

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The Philadelphia Eagles are the most frustrating team in the NFC, if not all of football. Chip Kelly’s offense is not enjoyable to watch with Sam Bradford at quarterback. Yet this team still finds a way to stay relevant in the lukewarm NFC East.

Philadelphia is only half a game back of the New York Football Giants in the division. If the Eagles play .500 ball, they will stay in the hunt in the East, unless New York starts to pick up steam. This team won’t go away. They aren’t good, they aren’t bad, they’re consistently inconsistent and it’s aggravating.

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